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A full day studying 12 good men and 1 bad one – The Last Supper Tour in Florence

A full day in Florence wi 12 good men and 1 bad one sitting round a table – a Last Supper Tour with two lovely ladies. A very exciting day for me in Florence on Friday as I have always wanted to do a full tour of as many different sites across the city on […]



One Old Fresco – One New Ceiling – In my own apartment – How exciting is that?»

In January 2015 it seemed like a good idea to refresh the paintwork in my guest bedroom – just a couple of days work, and not too much expense – or so I thought! The rust pink chosen by the previous owner now looked tired , and I felt the white furniture would look better […]



Fresh herbs and Black Cabbage – essentials in Tuscan cooking»

For those who dread Monday mornings imagine the joy of a day when you wake up knowing that you will be laughing most of the morning – spending time in the fresh Tuscan countryside with good friends and an amazing cooking teacher and eating a four course mouthwatering Tuscan lunch ……It certainly beats a strap-hanging nose-to- armpit […]


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Heroes of the Oltrarno – Rolando Ugolini»

Rolando Ugolini had an unforgettable Florentine face – worthy of inclusion in the line up of St Peter’s admirers frescoed on the walls of the Brancacci Chapel – and he is much missed from the Via di Sant’Agostino where he held his “court” outside his bookshop. When I arrived in Florence for my three month stint […]

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