The Art of Writing Course June 2018

Featuring Jane Corry, Sunday Times best-seller author and hosted by author Lisa Clifford and international speaker Matthew Ferrara


June 3 – 8, 2018 in Florence, Italy


The retreat is based in Palazzo San Niccolò in San Niccolò – the oldest area of Florence. Register your place now

Updated Chronology of Last Suppers

Chronology of Last Suppers   This week I have attended a meeting with my friends from the Advancing Women Artists Foundation and discovered that there are two of three Disciples in The Last Supper by Plautilla Nelli that they were still unsure who was who. I share...

Henrietta Maria and the Medici link to the Mantua Collection

Henrietta Maria and the Medici link to the Mantua Collection This is my personal thesis - based on my knowledge of the Medici Family. It was Inspired by Charles I: King and Collector exhibition at the Royal Academy and the book Royal Renegades - The Children of...

“Unknown Woman in Green” from Florence to Windsor Castle – but what is her story?

"Footnotes from Florence" - a personal collection of curious connections between the UK and Florence. "Portrait of a woman in Green" is being shown at the Charles 1 Exhibition at the Royal Academy - Definitely an image of a Florentine lady painted by an artist from...

The Marble Mines of Carrara – quite an experience and only a couple of hours away from Florence.

The Marble Mines of Carrara - Visiting this special place is quite an experience and these beautiful mountains with their white treasure, exposed for all to see, even from the railway line way below them, are available to visit only a couple of hours away from...

Amedeo Modigliani’s daughter Jeanne

Jeanne Modigliani   (29 November 1918 – 27 July 1984) I have updated an earlier Blog as a result of the increased interest in Amedeo Modigliani aroused by the splendid current exhibition at Tate Modern (23 Nov -2 April 2018)  Not the least part of the increased...