May 25 – A book launch party held by the Florentine Newspaper to celebrate the second edition with 13 new reasons to love Florence more than ever!

Author Jane Fortune ,  Editor Linda Falcone and Marco Badiani,  Director of the Florentine newspaper, celebrated the Birthday of this second edition together with readers of the Florentine in the recently opened bar Ideal on Via il Prato.

Incidentally the Ideal bar seems to live up to it’s name as an ideal location for an early evening aperitivo!

Author Jane Fortune with Linda Falcone and Marco Badiani

Author jane Fortune with Linda Falcone and Marco Badiani

Jane Fortune describes her book as her “love letter” to Florence and the original book already provided 70 ways to see the secret city – those delicious extras a little off the beaten track and certainly not included in the average guidebook!

This new edition includes another 13 ways to fall in love with Florence – many of them older gems , such as the Bardini garden, that have recently been refurbished and reopened since the first edition.

Personally  I don’t think there was a soul in the audience who really needed any more excuses to love Florence – everyone I spoke to seemed just as besotted as I am – but Jane Fortune’s well written and well researched books are excellent ammunition against any doubters in our families who just cant understand the reason for, or the depth of, our fascination.

Not only is this a great book for any visitors to Florence to try out – but all the proceeds from the sale are going to help support women artists – through the website – The purpose being that – through research, restoration and exhibition, the ADVANCING WOMEN ARTISTS FOUNDATION strives to protect, acknowledge and appreciate women artists and their fundamental role in the Renaissance city and the world.

Another of Jane Fortune’s books Invisible Women, introduced me to many Florentine women artists that I knew little or nothing of, and has led me to visit the Uffizi for the sole purpose of studying Artemesia Gentilischi’s Judith and Holfernes – a painting that had been hidden from sight as too horrible to view until as recently as the year 2000!

Jane Fortune's books

Jane Fortune's books

Finally, whilst walking home I came across one of my personal best reasons to love Florence – those glorious sunsets across the Arno – and (pretentious indeed!) but my heart leapt with passion anew!


Sunset on way home from the event

Sunset on way home from the Florentine event