Prices and menus


Group photo showing off their aprons

Group photo showing off their aprons

Price: €70 per head – includes wine with the lunch we have just cooked. Everyone receives a free apron.


17 January (Gennaio) cooking class in Florence

  • Leek Flan served on bed of fresh garden salad drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Ribollita bread saupe with beans and black cabbage
  • Veal Scaloppine with truffle sauce
  • Orange and hazel-nuts Tiramisù

21 February (Febbraio) afternoon vegetarian cooking class in Florence


  • Individual vegetable flan topping with parmigiano reggiano cream


  • Hand made pasta Ravioli filled with fresh Ricotta and spinach, served with a very light butter and sage sauce


  • Panzanella- typical bread salad with spring onions, ripe tomato and basil drizzle with balsamic and extra virgin olive oil, very refreshing and good at the end of dinner because clean your palate and prepare for the dessert…

Dolce -by special request

  • Florentine trifle with black and white chocolateSally and her family made a wonderful meal on 21st February and plan to give a Tuscan Cookery party using the recipes when they get home to North Carolina.

17  March (Marzo) cooking class in Florence “spring upcoming” 

Raylene and kids making ravioli

Pasta making involves some serious concentration

  • Peas, asparagus and spring onions quiche made with a special dough with yoghurt
  • Hand-made Pasta Tagliatelle served with sausage and fennel seeds sauce
  • Pizza style Chicken breast oven baked with tomato, fresh basil sauce and mozzarella
  • Chocolate crunch and rum Tiramisù

27 April (Aprile) cooking class in Florence

  • “Half moon of tuscany”oven baked pastry rolls (special kind of dough that we can stretch very very thin) stuffed with fresh baby zucchine sauteed and garden pesto.
  • Ricotta and fresh artichokes Stuffed Ravioli served with butter and lemon zest sauce
  • Florentine style osso buco with mushroom sauteed
  • Mousse chocolate with wipped cream

2 June cooking class in Florence

  • Lisa’s style Bruschette – topping with different vegetables and local cheese
  • Eggplant and pecorino cheese stuffed Ravioli served with fresh cherry tomatoes garlic and basil
  • Arista baked pork loin (dal greco Il Migliore, conosci la storia…) with pancetta and grapes served with tuscan flavour potatoes
  • Strawberry, grand marnier and chocolate shaves Tiramisù

27 June (Giugno) cooking class in Florence – Amor di Vino


  • Green bean flan with cherry tomatoes and pecorino cheese
  • Hand-made yellow and red potato Gnocchi served with home made pesto and toasted pinenuts
  • Chicken thigh casserole with pistachio and dried cherry tomato served with a bunch of oven baked asparagus
  • Pannacotta with mixed berry coulis

8 July (Luglio) cooking class maybe in countryside as it’s hot in Florence!!

  • “Panzanella” typical summery bread salad with omios fresh ripe tomato and cucumber
  • Yellow and red home-made Tagliatelle with garden pesto and cherry tomato
  • Chicken hunter’s style served with potato flan
  • Florentine trifle

20 August (Agosto) Tuscan cookery class in London – also see Beyond the Yalla Dog open site on Facebook for more info

  • Individual scallion Quiche
  • Saffron Risotto made with real stock
  • Individual stuffed chicken served with baby zucchine sauteed in extra virgin olive oil and thyme
  • Summer tart made with fresh fruit and drizzle with chocolate coulis

27 September (Settembre) cooking class in Florence 


Making ravioli

  • Grapes grapes grapes!!! harvest time
  • Grapes and caprino cheese antipasto
  • Hand made tagliatelle served with Chianti red wine and sage with pecorino cheese shaves
  • Peposo typical beef meat stew in chianti red wine and garlic, very tasty served with fresh cannellini beans
  • Panna cotta – cream custard with mixed berries sauce and mint

27 October (Ottobre) cooking class in Florence -part of full week of Italian Culture – Music, Cookery and various types of Art

  • Pear and parmigiano reggiano cheese Carpaccio served with walnuts and balsamic vinegar
  • Ricotta and spinach stuffed Ravioli served with a light butter and sage sauce
  • Etruscan style chicken thigh with onions, pinenuts and raisins, served with zucchine flan
  • Classic Tiramisù