Today we tried a new Beyond the Yalla Dog programme – paper marbling – in the shop and workshop of Alberto Cozzi in central Florence.

Riccardo does paper -making and book-binding

Our teacher was Riccardo Luci , who generously opened the workshop for only two of us to enable me to have a trial for future clients – I was pleased that he was rewarded with customers, who came to see what we were up to, who bought some of the lovely goods available in his shop!

Riccardo made the process seem simple enough, but somehow the work that he could do in a matter of minutes took us novitiates considerably longer!


First step was to mix the colla (glue paste) and pour it into the mixing tray – then select our range of colours from the bright acrylic  paints.

The paint then has to be gently dripped onto the glue and allowed to spread naturally – but not too far or for too long!











Next , we mixed the paint mixture – up  and down – with the end of a paint  brush – until it lies on the glue like multi- coloured knitting wool!

Then we used a fine comb, dragging it across the entire pan to develop a pattern of archi (arches) across the paper – and finally a second much larger toothed comb to zig-zag down the pan and create the complex fans and brilliant colour effect.
Ultimately, we each produced a sheet of paper that will be very hard to cut up and use for wrapping presents – and our audience generously gave us a round of applause…………..All in a day’s work  –  so satisfying!
Below Susan and Riccardo hold up her sheet of paper for inspection and a close up of my paper – safely in the drying drawer!
If you are interested in trying this out yourself please contact me – and I will try to get a small group together.
Usually classes have to be more than five  – but will always be less than ten people  – so no crowding – just a lot of energy !
To arrange – email me either through the website or direct on
Mixed paint