Learn how to paint your own Fresco with Beyond the Yalla Dog in Florence

Alan Pascuzzi in his fresco ( and sculpture!) studio

Alan Pascuzzi in his fresco ( and sculpture!) studio

Find out for yourself what it is like to apply natural pigment to intonaco (fresh plaster) – Go Beyond looking at Masaccio and recreate a masterwork!

Enjoy an informative and interesting experience in fresco painting using the same materials and techniques as the Renaissance masters.

Beginning with a brief explanation of the history of fresco and the materials involved, students will then move on to paint a true fresco using the same method as such artists as Giotto and Michelangelo.

fresco class

After making a preparatory cartoon we then use the “spolvero” technique to transfer their image onto a panel with damp plaster and proceed to paint a copy of a Renaissance fresco using the same natural pigments and animal-hair brushes as those used by the masters.

Mia with her painting of Baccus

Mia with her painting of Baccus

A trip to the Brancacci Chapel or Santa Maria Novella to see some of the old masterworks in situ takes on a whole new dimension after you have tried the technique for yourself.


All students will take away their own true fresco painted in Florence.

Cost for half day £64/€75 – for a souvenir to keep and treasure.

About your tutor Dr Alan Pascuzzi

Dr. Alan Pascuzzi is a former Fulbright Scholar, professor of Renaissance Art History and Fine Arts, and a painter and sculptor living and working in Florence, Italy.
As an art history professor, Dr. Pascuzzi teaches a wide variety of subjects ranging from Renaissance drawings, frescoes, artistic anatomy and Greek, Roman and Renaissance sculpture.
As an artist, Alan works in the ancient drawing, painting and sculpting techniques of the Renaissance masters including fresco, marble carving, modelling and working in bronze.
He has executed numerous commissions in painting and sculpture throughout Italy including several permanent works in fresco, marble, terra cotta and bronze in the city centre of Florence.

We are looking to put in an extra session in June 11th or 12th – contact Penny if you are interested in what could be an evening class.