The Colour Yellow

In Christianity – yellow – as the colour of most of the early spring flowers – was used as a symbol of renewal and hope – but, alternatively,  it was also used to suggest someone to mistrust – as one might mistrust a yellow mushroom or a poisonous plant like laburnum – (pictured below)

These yellow flowers are nice to look at – but dangerous – a warning of  treachery – even found in a wasp!



Judas Iscariot is therefore usually recognisable in religious paintings – such as in these frescos on Christ being taken in the Garden of Gethsemane by Fra Angelico and Giotto di Bondone, as the one wearing  yellow clothing.


And although in this painting by Caravaggio the yellow is obscured a little by the soldiers armour -it is the fellow in yellow who is kissing Jesus Christ.

This colouration is helpful when faced with a whole room full of Disciples to identify – although Judas is also, as in the painting below by Hans Holbien in 1524/25, usually looking mean and nasty and holding a money bag!

Holbein (1524-25)

Unfortunately for the Jews – they have long been associated with yellow in this unpleasant way – and as early as 887/8  under a dictate from Caliph Omar II (717-20) there was an order that every non-Muslim, (the dhimmi), should wear different coloured clothes under which Jews were compelled to wear yellow belts and special hats



In 1270 there was anti-semitic feeling in England and King Edward I decreed that the Jews were a threat to the country. He decreed that all Jews must wear a yellow star of David to identify them in public.


In Italy and some other European countries instead of stars Jews were obliged to wear yellow circles – there is an illustration of this below and also a painting by the school of Mantegna in Mantua displayed in the current fascinating Money and Beauty Exhibition in the Stozzi Palace in Florence.

Jew with Jewish badge in yellow ring form (circular badge), Worms 16th century

Jewish Banker - Norsa family - Money and Beauty exhibition

Jewish Banker - Norsa family - Money and Beauty exhibition

I am now concerned about my company name – an association with poison and treachery not being a good thing!!

However please note the key word in the logo is BEYOND and the Yalla Dog reference is a quote from A Room with a View – the classic English novel about the affect of Florence on the English written by E.M.Forster.