For a memorable Christmas present for someone special – why not wrap it in your own special Florentine Christmas marbled wrapping paper?


Brad looks pleased with his paper

Brad looks pleased with his paper

So far in 2011 our paper makers have selected bright colours and haven’t risked much gold or silver – it is a much more intense colour – but for Christmas time why not?

Marbled Momi Paper - Tidal Wave

Also available are bright reds and greens – we could make some fabulous paper for that special present you are planning to leave under the Christmas tree – so long as the present isn’t made of chocolate and you don’t have a furry friend of a canine nature that is!!!!!

On 21 December 2011 -at 10am join us for Florentine Christmas paper marbling with Beyond the Yalla Dog!

Tina looking at the design in the colla (glue)

This year Florentine Paper marbling has been one of my most popular activities, simple to do and always effective, there is a certain joy about pulling your own coloured paper off the tray that shows in the satisfied smiles of the participants!

Polly has an OMG moment

Maybe it is a shame to cut it up and use it for wrapping paper but if you really love it you could just frame it!!