Florentine Paper Making – mix your creativity with fun!

Hand made Florentine paper with peacock tails

Hand made Florentine paper with peacock tails

Here’s one I made earlier!! – some hand made Florentine paper with peacock tail design – every piece is completely unique – you choose the colours and make your own design using original tools hand made by your teacher!

We had a really fun session on Friday and I was so pleased when one of my guests told me that it was the highlight of her holiday so far – because that is exactly what I am trying to do with my business – to provide activities that people wouldn’t usually find by themselves – to do with experts – and come home with something interesting to be proud to show friends as a souvenir of their trip.

Riccardo's demonstration piece

Riccardo’s demonstration piece

This was Riccardo’s demonstration piece – to show us how the magic works!

Serena's peacock tails

Serena’s peacock tails

Not bad for Serena’s first attempt at quite complex design of peacock tails?

Next up below is sister Anita’s turn – same concept totally different colours !

Sister Anita's turn

Sister Anita’s turn

Then it is free style – choose whatever colour and design you like and watch the audience go Wow!

Totally original - a plate of eggs?

Totally original – a plate of eggs?

Or lillies of the field

Or lillies of the field

Truly original and very satisfying – and Riccardo was very pleased with his pupils too!

If you are coming to Florence and want to have a go please contact Penny –  the lesson is between 1.5 to 2 hours  and in the centre of Florence so plenty of time for shopping and/or culture both before and afterwards!