The 3rd Festa della Cultura San Giovanni Battista began today at the SACI Jules Maidoff Gallery in Florence

Il Passato e Presente III is an exhibition of contemporary art works by artists living and working in Florence – including Antonio Ciccone, who has exhibited two new drawings of St John the Baptist’s head on a platter based on his own image.

john and Ciccone

Other artists include Caroline Jervis, Jason Arkles, Alessandro Vannini, Olivia Santiago, Helen Bayley and Luca Rafanelli , whose latest work is shown below with Festival Director and Curator of this Exhibition John Hoenig FRSA

John and Luca

 Jason Arkles has submitted his sculpture of John the Baptist in the desert – trying to eat his wild honey from the honeycomb in his hand but having some problems with the bees – each attacking him on the points of Christ’s stigmata!

jasons JtheB

Lovely Helen Bayley has submitted two portraits, one  showing John the Baptist as a Prisoner and a new image of Salome as Enchantment.

John and Helen

Alessandro Vannini has done a special drawing for the Exhibition entitled Il Vento – he is shown below standing in front of his work  with local Art Critic Emanuela Catalano.

Alessandro and Emanuella

The Exhibition continues from tonight , 29th May until 26th June.

John and John

For more information about the Exhibition, Conference, Concerts and Festival related guided visits check out our website

3° Festa della Cultura – San Giovanni Battista
Firenze, Italia
sabato 14 – giovedì 26 giugno 2014

The festival is dedicated to the people of Florence in celebrating the feast day of the city’s patron saint on 24th June. The last two years’ programmes have offered a wide variety of events, including contemporary sacred art exhibitions, interdisciplinary conferences and a symposium, several concerts of early Florentine music plus guided visits to locations venerating John the Baptist in the historic centre. This year’s festival will in addition bring new events to involve and engage the community.

The Festival is a voluntary non-profit initiative designed to provide a forum for Florentine artists, musicians and academics – and to benefit in real terms the venues in which the events take place. The primary mission is to bring together Florentines and visitors in celebrating the inspiration of the city’s Patron Saint through communal cultural appreciation.

The festival is presented by the evolving collective i Buontalenti and is grateful for the patrocinio and support of the Comune di Firenze, the British Institute of Florence, Studio Art Centers International, The Florentine and Rete Toscana Classica. Further events, sponsors and partners to be announced soon.

John Hoenig FRSA
Founder & Artistic Director
Firenze, Italia