Artichokes and Ambiance – Tuscan Cooking class with Lisa Banchieri



Tuesday 12th May – we held a class specialising in Artichokes – a vegetable not frequently featured in other parts of Europe but adored by the Tuscans.

Lisa promised to show us why they loved it so much … and she succeeded!



Salute a Lo Chef! – just before sunset – we raise a glass to our Chef Lisa Banchieri – after a wonderful cooking class and a fabulous meal with a view.

And just in case you thought from this photo that Bob Blesse and Vickie, having specifically requested an Artichoke menu had actually missed the class – below is the evidence that they were there too.

Bob is shown below photographing his Anello con Carciofi – aka Lamb with Artichokes – to send to his own Facebook page!


Our meal began with a Pinsomonia – dipping fresh vegetables , including tender Artichoke leaves when available, into a good EVOO – Extra Virgin Olive Oil mixed with salt, pepper and various spices to taste.

Our Primo was a special treat – Lasagne con Carciofi – small slices of the thinnest lasagne leaves you can imagine , with tender leaves of artichoke soaked in bechamel sauce – and baked in the oven until slightly crisp on top.

So Delicious – we all had seconds!


Our Secondo was roast lamb with artichoke and Tuscan roasted potatoes – difficult to believe that the strong  taste of roasted artichoke was the same vegetable as the delicate flavour in the lasagne.

Finally a Tiramisu – ( okay we skipped the artichokes from this part!) and enjoyed the Classic recipe with coffee and chocolate shavings – most definitely the best I have ever tasted!


All these culinary delights complemented with these gorgeous views across Tuscany – No wonder I am enjoying La Dolce Vita so much!