Mask Making in Florence with Agostino Dessi

I met Agostino Dessi in Florence last month – his mask making studio Alice Masks  is in Via Faenza  – close to the new BookBarnKat Studio of my friend Kath, who is herself offering Book Binding courses, given by visiting experts from across the world – more of this when the dates are fixed in the New Year.

Agostino and I had a talk about the many unusual things which I love to do in Florence and he agreed to offer courses for me – the usual five day course promoted below on the YouTube Video Link, or for people only staying for a short period of time we could try a special two day course – first morning making the mould and the plaster mask and the second day painting it.  It sounds as if it could be a lot of lovely messy fun!




Difficult to describe the shop in mere words – but take a look at their promotional video – and – as always get in touch on 


mask making in Florence or

Agostino also gave me a signed copy of his lovely book, shown above,  – to give me some inspiration – he certainly has made some sensational masks over his career and now his daughter Alice works with him.