Painting en Plein Air with Alfonso Tejada

Sketching and Watercolour sessions in Florence with Alfonso Tejada

Visit Florence with a dual purpose – you can enjoy painting sessions with Alfonso Tejada during the morning then Penny will look after you for lunch, followed by an afternoons shopping or visiting galleries or churches.

Accompanying partners might like to spend the morning learning Italian or taking cookery classes. After the cookery class you can all eat together at the restaurant where the classes take place so the partners can show off their new talents to their spouses!

A Palazzo in Piazza del Carmine

A Palazzo in Piazza del Carmine

Alternatively perhaps you have always had a secret desire to learn the Foxtrot -or even Tango? It is never to late to learn to dance – or just enjoy an evening polishing up your existing skills – and there is no more romantic city for getting close to your partner than Florence.

These tours will be arranged to fit in with the painting programme and will be specially designed to meet the interests of the whole group

Alfonso painting in Plein Air

For more information about Alfonso I.Tejada and his painting courses in Italy check out his website on

Alfonso I.Tejada

About Alfonso Tejada

Alfonso Tejada was born in Durango, Mexico; he moved to the town of Guanajuanto as an adult to study architecture and received his Bachelor.

Tejada’s interest in fine arts was fostered in the studios of Professor Jesus Gallardo where he studied drawing, watercolour and etching. ┬áHis formative professional years were spent in the heart of Guanajuanto, and subsequently San Miguel Allende where he lived and practised for fourteen years. The influences of these two towns created the foundations of his artistic career.

Alfonzo with some of his group in May 2010

Alfonzo with some of his group in May 2010

Vancouver has been Tejada’s home for the last thirty-one years during which he obtained his Masters of Architecture and Urban Design at UBC. His practice has allowed him to travel throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

These travels have influenced his artistic visions, particularly Italy where he paints and teaches courses in “Plein Air” – we look forward to his next course- which he hopes will be in May 2012.