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Feedback for Glynis’ previous workshops in Italy

“I first attended an art course with Glynis in Tuscany in 2002. We were a mixed class, some experienced artists and some like me, complete novices. I hadn’t painted since I was at primary school. Initial apprehensions soon disappeared as Glynis’ enthusiasm was very infectious. Her teaching style took the mystery out of drawing as she encouraged and supported each of us at our own level. To my amazement she managed to awaken a creative streak in me, up until which point I was unaware.She was an inspirational, enabling and practical teacher – always seeming appear at just the right moment to make helpful suggestions.She helped me move from “can’t do” to a “can do” situation, I was delighted to see how much I could achieve – and for that remain truly grateful”.

Some kind feedback for my initial tour shown below:

What can I say? It was all so lovely…my diary runs thus:

Fri 20 – How lovely to be met and lunch organised too. We seemed to dive into the real Florence straightaway. You made us all feel at ease with the informal welcome party at your gorgeous flat and, though I found meeting Franco somewhat daunting, his presence gave that first evening a great Italian feel.

Sat 21 – The Italian lesson was very well pitched with Renata’s persistence with speaking Italian, whatever we asked her, encouraging us all to have a go. We found the focus on food and menus was just right. Looking back, the supper at Conte Diladdarno that evening was inspired because, by Wednesday’s cooking lesson, Luca seemed like an old friend and we had tried many of his amazing dishes.

Sun 22 – Wonderful views of Florence from Fiesole, Duncan enjoyed the ruins and I was dazzled by the unexpected collection of items from missionary work in China in the St.Francis’ Convent museum. I was impatient to see some art by the end of this third day.

Mon 23 – We really enjoyed your anecdotes as we explored Florence. Santa Croce cannot fail to impress but the delightful Pazzi Chapel was a real find. As you know, I was often tired but it was always worth coming out in the evening and meeting Eduardo at the Pitti Gola was both fun and informative.

Tue 24 – It was very moving to see the Michelangelo wooden Christ before “doing” the big four. It was difficult to absorb sufficient detail in a short time and with a group. I would have preferred to view the galleries on our own and meet up later.

Wed 25 – The demonstration of Tuscan cookery was splendid light relief and Luca is such a nice man – I hope he is able to continue cooking in Florence.

Thu 26 – Driving into Chiantishire was beautiful not only because of the weather. Jennifer at Monte Bernardi was quite the most informative, passionate winemaker we have ever met and it was good to try some Chianti Classico of great quality. We felt quite at home in the evening as we drank in Pitti Gola.

Fri 27 – This was my personal “wow factor” day as we saw the marble Cantoria by della Robbia and Donatello in the Museo dell’Opera in the morning and then met the lovely Frederico in that tiny church. This was the perfect setting for his intensely personal vignette on Vivaldi. A concert of Vivaldi’s music would have been a welcome addition to this splendid day but we enjoyed the completely different atmosphere at “Slowly” with its good food and music and wonderfully urban feel right in the middle of a medieval city!

Sat 28 – To end the week with the stunning Palazzo Vecchio and then the Medici Palace and its chapel’s breathtaking procession of the Medici, was a triumph. We so often fritter away our last day and this swept us onto the plane on a tide of great art. So, overall: a really intense week with a lot of jolly light relief and some very useful sessions which did enhance the rest of the experience. I would have relished more time for reflection but I believe the rest of our group did not feel this way. If you do entertain less fit or elderly guests then perhaps, on one or two afternoons, you could you make it clear that the activities were optional then those who were exhausted could skip them to rest and not feel that they were letting the group down by not attending. (That being said, I wouldn’t have missed any of it for the world!) I hope the above comments are useful. Please let us know if you want any specific feedback.

B & D

Thank you for making it all run so smoothly and enjoyably for me – you even managed nice weather on the days that we needed it. And especially for introducing me to the other untouristy side of the Arno and its residents. I just hope I will manage to make it to Florence again this year before my Uffizi ticket runs out.

And she did!! LB

I would also like to thank you again for such wonderful time at the workshop. Please also say hello to Glynis for me and also thank her for being such a fantastic teacher and having so much patience with us learners.


Thanks again for the workshop, we really enjoyed it both of us. A very special experience to paint out there at the charming villa. And my husband has admired our paintings (particularly Ida’s). I don’t think I discovered a talent in myself, but it was fun and I guess that quite a bit has to do with training. So I’ll try again – however in less inspiring surroundings, I’m afraid. K & I

Dear Penny Thank you so much for your companionship and leadership – you certainly went ‘Beyond’ our expectations – P & C



posted by Laura Z- after holiday in London August 2010