Tuscan cookery classes Florence/London 2018

Making ravioli with Lisa Banchieri

Learn some secrets of delicious recipes that go back to the Renaissance.

Discover how Italian food tasted before the discovery of the New World brought  tomatoes into our diet and go well beyond just eating Italian – though naturally we do enjoy eating our efforts at the end – all washed down with a fine Chianti!

Tomatoes are, of course, available for the more modern recipes!

Pasta making from scratch can also be a lot of fun –  sticky on the fingers if you don’t get the mix quite right – but good fun nonetheless!

Lucy has sticky fingers

Lucy has sticky fingers

Tuscan cookery classes with Lisa Banchieri

The provisional 2018 dates for the 1 day classes in Florence , which can include an optional early morning trip to  either the San Lorenzo Central or San Ambrogio market to select our fresh seasonal ingredients, are as follows:

Monday 22 January

Tuesday 20 February

Friday 9 March

Thursday 12 April

Thursday 12 May

Thursday 10 June

Thursday 16 July

Thursday 19 July

Saturday 21 ,22, 23 August – if you cant stand the heat get out of the kitchen – in Italy that is where the heat is pretty difficult to take even by the seaside!!

Instead of suffering in these temporatures since August 2011  we have held a weekend of Tuscan cooking classes in London – with my Tuscan Personal Chef Lisa Banchieri as our teacher

We will make fresh pasta, arista al forno and a selection of seasonal specials

Back to Florence! -dates to be decided



November –

Saturday 15 & 16 December – Back by popular request Lisa will help us make a 4 course meal Christmas meal to be prepared in London, accompanied by Sommelier selected wines to suit the menu – should be good!


Lisa preparing to make pasta in Stockwell Aug 2011

All delegates are provided with printed copies of the recipes produced, a pen to make notes on the numerous alternatives that Lisa explains as she cooks and an apron to use at the event which you are welcome to keep for future Tuscan cookery experiments at home!

So this is what they mean by “ribbons of pasta”!