Have you ever visited somewhere on a City Break and thought “This isview from San Miniatoal Monte lovely – I would love to see more – and get to know this place in more depth”?

Going deeper is my lifetime premiss, and my interest – in fact, my passion -is my favourite Italian city – the City of Flowers – Florence!

If you are interested in visiting Florence and taking themed walks, or want advice on where to study Italian language, take art classes – including learning how to paint in fresco, use a Silverpoint pen, or to make images using Goldleaf, or watercolour painting, visit gardens or listen to music, cook Tuscan style cookery, or just wander from church to shop to art gallery with a few hot chocolate or Chianti breaks at appropriate intervals, then please contact me.

I will help you build a tailor-made City break using experienced local experts to help you make the most of your precious vacation.

Some elements – particularly art and cookery courses – are more fun, as well as being more economical, in a shared environment, but at no point will you be part of a group of more than ten people.Geraldine and Penny July 2008

If you have a friend or partner who wants to come to Florence but would prefer to have a more leisurely vacation, or has different needs like bars with Sky TV or to go to watch live football matches then alternative agendas can be arranged too.

This site is constantly being amended and provide changing information on activities, a calendar of dates and relevant links – however, if you are intrigued please contact me and let me know what you are interested in – and we can develop your holiday from there!

How to get in touch

PiazzaleMichelangelosmlPlease contact me by email link or form or give me a call – I will usually respond to email within minutes rather than hours.

The Events page shows an outline of activities proposed for my activity this year please contact me if you have any suggestions or would like more details.

As my business is registered in the UK all costs will be shown in £ sterling or Euros – for quick conversion to your home currency click the link below:

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