Just a quick reminder about Paper Marbling in Florence 

We hold our classes in a well established family shop and the demonstrations and lessons are provided by expert marbler Riccardo Luci or his sister Leticia.

All students initially watch a demonstration by Riccardo , creating a traditional Florentine marbled paper design using a mixture of  water based paints floating on “ colla “ – a gluey paste created from an algae found in the Black Sea



Each student then gets an opportunity to create their own design using hand-made tools which probably haven’t changed much in structure over the past 400 years. The most popular design is the Pavone – the Peacock , as shown below.


For obvious reasons…..

Everybody has a chance to create their own peacock display before starting a second , more freehand , design


Some of these designs look really exciting in their raw state even before mixing and being combed.


At this stage of learning Riccardo always helps to slide the paper out of the glue bath – one of the most difficult parts of the whole process – and puts it on a wooden board to hold it flat in his paper drier.


And there it is – simple but satisfying – but ready for the next stage of learning, which the students who are living here in Florence have already signed up for.


And those who are leaving get a consolatory cuddle.

Thanks everyone for another great morning’s work – A La Prossima!