Last month we spent a fun day in the recently extended premises of Alberto Cozzi – teaching a group from Desmond and Dempsey in London how to marble paper and trying out designs to suit ladies pyjamas


Fashionista Molly Goddard, who came up with their brilliant comfy cotton pyjama concept when she couldn’t find the type of pyjamas she wanted for her own use, arrived with her partner Joel.  They also brought Joel’s brother Christian, a fabric specialist, in from Germany to film their progress.

I hope we didn’t disturb the other family members of Alberto Cozzi work too much – we certainly attracted a lot of interest through the window and a lot of people came in to check out what we were up to – Hopefully some of them bought some of the lovely items for sale in the shop on their way out!


The tools of the trade look simple but Riccardo showed us some of the tricks that we need to learn to get a professional looking result.


This is the start of their “tutti-fruitie” design – pretty nice colours


The finished Peacock tail design looks so much lighter when transferred to white paper – or worked on with a different piece of equipment!


One of the beauties of paper marbling is that every design is unique – here are a few other examples below.

Very fashionable colour – I like this a lot!


Christian went for a simple black and white and grey mix


Molly’s modern art work – perfect on brown paper


Another more traditionalest artwork with Riccardo – there were 12 in total.


So a lot to choose from – will be interesting also to see how they look on the material they use – very cool and very special.


Finally no aperitivo in Florence is complete without a delicious – but surprisingly potent –Aperol Spritz.– a fitting reward for a hard day’s work.

Thanks for sharing a great day folks and I can’t wait to see the finished products.