At least one cookery class a month in Florence with additional classes in UK when we get sufficient demand – possible menus shown but may be subject to change on request – eg more vegetarian requirements, fish eaters etc.

Tuscan Cookery classes

Learn how to make it all yourself when you go home! Take lessons with a local cookery teacher – Italian food as Nonna made it – but with a modern twist!

Go Beyond just eating Italian! Further information on our monthly cookery classes.

First Class in 2018 – Jan 22nd in Piazza del Carmine

Class costs £72/€79 pp- includes your meal, with local wines, printed recipes, a pen to make notes and a free chef’s hat & apron.

Fun photos of previous events

Fresh herbs and Black Cabbage – essentials in Tuscan cooking

For those who dread Monday mornings imagine the joy of a day when you wake up knowing that you will be laughing most of the morning - spending time in the fresh Tuscan countryside with good friends and an amazing cooking teacher and eating a four course mouthwatering...

Take an Artful journey to Emilia Romanga – October 11-20 2015

This tour sounds wonderful - I wish that I had time to join it myself - a combination of most of the great joys of Italy in a small but select group heading for the the food capital of Italy, Emilia Romagna. Food designer and writer John Carafoli will give cooking...

Artichokes and Ambiance – Tuscan Cooking class with Lisa Banchieri

Artichokes and Ambiance - Tuscan Cooking class with Lisa Banchieri   Tuesday 12th May - we held a class specialising in Artichokes - a vegetable not frequently featured in other parts of Europe but adored by the Tuscans. Lisa promised to show us why they loved it so...

Sant’Ambrogio market – not to be missed

Everyone knows that Italians are pretty much obsessed by food - it is the only place I know where people are discussing what they will have for their next meal before they have finished the one they are still eating!   So when it comes to choosing food they expect the...

So happy to have Lisa back to teach us Tuscan cooking

Welcome back Lisa - so lovely to have you back with us to teach Tuscan cooking Just a small montage of photos from our two Tuscan Cooking sessions this month - hopefully we will manage another next month in Florence and then we have at least three days set up in...

Mushrooms from Maremma + yummy Cavallucci

It is approaching the end of the mushroom season,  so some of my Italian friends escape as often as they can in search of the final crops of fresh porcini mushrooms in the woods around the Tuscan region of Maremma . Previously the Maremma was one of the most dangerous...

Fresh pasta ravioli with pear and gorgonzola, Lamb and Chocolatissimo

For me it was a beautiful meal - and all I had to do was a bit of pear peeling and a lot of washing up! Lisa Banchieri  did all the "easy" stuff - like most of the cooking and a few tasting sessions! The menu was :- Lisa's Bruscette Fresh pasta ravioli with pear and...

Cooking with Lisa Banchieri in Florence

Cooking with Lisa Banchieri in Florence 16th July The day began well - sunshine (what else?) and a man singing lustily outside my window Le Lucevan e stelle  - I popped my head out of the window to watch him go by and he called out to me Buon Giorno Bella ( Yeah I...

Agretti – a short seasonal treat

Last night at Dinos I had my first taste of Agretti -  a grass like Mediterranean vegetable with thin succulent needle like leaves that grow on small bushy plants - in season now - it will not be around for long! Expensive and highly prized by top chefs, agretti is...

Making cheese and milling flour in Casentino

28.3.13 Another fun day out with Lisa Clifford, reviewing the venues for the two afternoon respite periods for the aspiring writers on the Art of Writing Course. The ewes are now producing the early milk of the season in order to feed their new lambs - They will...

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